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Secure Your Family’s Future With Professional Estate Planning

You have worked hard to provide a good life for your family. But there might be one piece of the puzzle missing. If you haven’t established an estate plan, your hard-earned assets may not be distributed the way you wish. Attorney Charles Weiss assists families in the North Palm Beach area with all their estate planning needs. At a minimum, individuals need a well-thought out will. But estate planning encompasses much more than that one document.

Planning your estate means dealing with potential tax liabilities, health care planning, business transition planning and more. All of these issues need to be addressed in a comprehensive estate plan. While everyone should have an estate plan in place, it is especially important for high-wealth individuals.

Preservation of wealth and the protection of personal and business assets are the core of Charles T. Weiss, P.A. Founding attorney Weiss advises clients with established and emerging wealth, their businesses and their fiduciaries on the planning and administration of estates. The ability to protect wealth and pass it from generation to generation has become an increasingly intricate and multilayered process, requiring an attorney who has mastered a variety of disciplines and obtained targeted education. With a Master of Laws (LLM) degree in estate planning, Charles Weiss possesses the know-how and depth of experience required to implement effective strategies to protect clients’ assets.

Planning is accomplished through estate, gift, generation-skipping and income tax saving strategies that harmonize with the client’s nontax priorities and values. A comprehensive estate plan can include:

  • A revocable living trust
  • Irrevocable trusts
  • Charitable foundations and trusts
  • Tax planning
  • Real estate trusts
  • Business transition documents
  • Other tools specific to your situation

Trust Your Legacy To An Accomplished Attorney

While many attorneys offer estate planning services, for something this important, you want a lawyer whose entire practice is focused on this task. With a Master of Laws degree in estate planning, attorney Weiss has the requisite knowledge to craft an estate plan specific to your needs. Even with an estate plan in place, disputes can arise; you need a strong litigator to represent you if that happens. Attorney Weiss has extensive experience in the pursuit or defense of any litigation that may arise in the administration of an estate or trust, including the will and tax audits, complex accounting litigation, trust and estate accountings, proceedings to remove and surcharge fiduciaries, guardianship litigation, elective share proceedings, slayer statue litigation, homestead litigation and other matters.

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Give Yourself And Your Family Peace Of Mind

Knowing that your assets will be handled according to your wishes gives you and your family a sense of security. Don’t put off starting your estate planning. Call Charles Weiss at 561-848-9970 or contact him via email.